Top 4 ways to know if you might have a toxic person in your life – Part 1

Peter Hill, Head Life Coach

Faith Forward Coaching

The bible is full of wonderful, God loving imperfect people. It also has some of the most reviled people in history. Your life is probably similar. Most of the people you interact are wonderful loving friends and family but you may also have a Judas in your life.

We don’t know a great deal about Judas but he gives us a few clues that might help us recognize someone toxic in our life.

First, he was invited into Jesus’ circle without a lot of previous information about who he was or what he believed. He was known to the disciples and Jesus but not known very well and he didn’t reveal much about himself. Who have you invited to be a part of your life that maybe you need to learn more about before you allow them to get closer to you?

Second, he was around often but he was never in the inner circle of Jesus’ closest allies. He wasn’t a third wheel but he never seemed to quite fit in with the rest of the group. Do have someone that is always hanging around and sticking their nose into your affairs?

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Praying this helps you move forward today.

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