Top 4 ways to know if you might have a toxic person in your life – Part 2

Top 4 ways to know if you might have a toxic person in your life – Part 2

Peter Hill, Head Life Coach Faith Forward Coaching


Third, Judas was at cross purposes with Jesus. When Jesus had his feet anointed with perfume Judas became indignant at the thought of the waste. But it was a false piety that revealed he was truly at cross purposes with his master. Who is that person that you know that seems like they always have a better plan and they make it sound like their plan is more spiritual than yours? Do have a person that tries to convince their way is always the right way and then seem indignant when you don’t do it their way?

Fourth, Judas was consumed by his own agenda. Twice near the end of Jesus’ life Judas had the opportunity to align himself with the true purpose that Jesus came to earth to accomplish and twice he looked Jesus in the eye and chose his own agenda over the purposes of God. This is most lethal stage of a toxic person. Who in your life might be keeping you from your God given calling and purpose? Who in your life might be using you to achieve their own agenda that if accomplished would thwart God’s plan for you? And most importantly, if Jesus were here today would he consider you or me a toxic person in his life? Jesus loves us all whether if we are toxic or trying to love him and move toward obedience and holiness. It’s not bad or wrong to have toxic people in your life. Just beware and make sure they don’t pull you away from everything that God desires for you and make sure you are not pulling others away from God’s grace and mercy.

Praying this helps you move forward today.

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